Day 2 Recap 2021 Season

Good evening! As Day 2 is wrapping up, we would like to give you a quick update on the team’s progress, if you're interested in a video recap of today check out our Midpoint Recap Video. In case you missed our update from Day 1 you can check out our blog post here.

Today, our goal was to have a substantial amount of the robot completed so that we could present it to our live stream at 8:30pm EST. Through lots of hard work, the team was able to meet this goal by fixing our old intake mechanism, constructing a power cell shooter, and having code ready for the robot to drive. At the eGarage, our onsite build team was responsible for preparing the robot for all of the major changes. These changes included removing old mechanisms we do not plan on using anymore and clearing space for new mechanisms. The team was able to finish clearing space just before lunch and moved onto improving last year’s intake mechanism. They added a new support bar and made sure that power cells would not get jammed in the intake as the robot picked them up. Finally, the eGarage team finished off the day by assisting the programming team in getting the robot ready to drive. Tomorrow, their goal is to attach the new power-cell shooter developed by the Robodogs build team.

Speaking of the Robodogs build team, they also had a busy day. They spent most of the day designing and modeling the power cell shooting mechanism. They decided on a design that is a semi-circle shaped ramp with a flywheel in the middle that the power cell travels through. The apparatus is tilted at around 45 degrees to maximize range and reach the high goal. The team plans to vary the speed of the flywheel to achieve accuracy at different distances. This evening, they constructed the shooting mechanism and were able to present it live on stream.

This morning, the programming team focused on writing code for the robot’s drivetrain, autonomous, and finishing yesterday's work on the robot’s controls. They were able to test and debug that code later in the day with the assistance of the build team, as mentioned above. Shortly after lunch, the programming team broke into two groups. One group focused on helping the video production team create a tutorial on integrating GitHub and WPILib with Visual Studio Code (video can be found here.) The other group began writing the code that will control the new shooting mechanism and updated intake. They hope to test that code tomorrow afternoon once the shooter is attached.

The team still has a lot to do, but they are still on track to meet their goals and finish strong. Be sure to follow the team’s progress on the live stream tomorrow starting at 9:00am EST on


  • Removed old mechanisms

  • Cleared space for new mechanisms

  • Fixed Wiring

  • Fixed the old intake

  • Helped the programming team test their drive train code


  • Wrote drivetrain code

  • Began working on shooter code

  • Created a tutorial on how GitHub integrates with VS code and WPI Lib


  • Worked on creating the shooter. Finished by tonight

  • Figured out dimensions and designs for the shooter by virtually talking to the other build team members and modeled it.