Welcome to Full Moon Robotics!

Full Moon Robotics is a team of FIRST alumni based at North Carolina State University building a "robot in three days." (Press Release). We are currently gearing up for the 2022 FRC season. Feel free to look around! Most of our content is on our blog and our YouTube channel!

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  Warning: Outdated content! Content beneath this box is from our 2021 season. 

2021 Robot Reveal

Check out our reveal video of this year's robot, Blue Moon!

Interviews with Teams FRC 5243 & FTC 10515

This year, we interviewed two FIRST teams about their experience meeting virtually and preparing for this different season. Meet FRC Team 5243, Aegis Robotics, and FTC Team 10515, Xtreme Voltage!

If you're interested in being interviewed next year, reach out to our parent organization at our website!

Drive Station Setup

Git Tutorial

Final Day Recap

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