T-Eleventh Hour Update 2020 Season

After what simultaneously feels like so much and so little time, we're in the home stretch. Everyone has been slave(on a desert planet)ing away to get the robot ready in time. As we come down to the final hours, we know we must do or do not, for there is no try.

Our Field Elements team has almost completed all the elements we need, only awaiting the colors to put the final touches on the Control Panel. While our programmers are no boy-geniouses creating androids from scrap, they have been working hard. They're preparing to load the code onto the robot as soon as construction is complete; they've even finished a vision recognition system ready to sense the colors the Panel doesn't have yet.

Like the rays from a double sun, our chassis and Power Cell manipulation teams have combined to shine even brighter as our ball intake/movement/output system is built straight onto the frame of the robot. Guide rails and a base of plastic have been added to funnel the Cells up the robot to the Bottom Port; this will allow us to suck the balls into the Bottom Port with the inescapable pull of a tractor beam.

With our full Control Panel spinner riveted on, and the base of our Shield Generator climber ready to attach securely to our chassis/ball movement system, we're confident the robot won't be losing any arms. The Control Panel spinner has been finished for almost a day now, and we're excited to test it with the rest of the finished robot. The Shield Generator climber has a little assembly work to do, but we must trust that it will fulfill our prophecy that it will save the robot and not destroy it.

At this point, we can't guaruntee that our final robot will be everything we wanted, but we hope it will be the droid we've been looking for.


Andrea Bowdon

Text Media Team Member