Almost there: Last Build Update 2020 Season

Like the last leg of a podrace, we're barreling at breakneck speeds towards the finish line. Our team is exhausted after pushing through most of the night, but we're proud and excited to see where the bot will end up.

First off, our Power Cell intake/scoring system is finally working! With some carefully ducttaped in last-minute pool noodles, everything runs as smoothly as a Tauntaun (a little jerky but it gets the job done). This has been the hardest mechanism on the bot to build, but it's been well worth it as one of the most important.

We're working out some electrical kinks in our pneumatic system, but the Control Panel spinner is mechanically ready to tackle the field. Our Shield Generator climber, unfortunately, has not fared as well; due to limited time and resources it has been de-prioritized in favor or completing th Power Cell scoring system. We'd prefer not to tackle this part at all if we can't get it right, since in this galaxy falls can often be fatal for people and robots.

See you all for the robot reveal video!


Andrea Bowdon

Text Media Team Member